What Is “Pure Water Window Cleaning?”

Water from your tap, even if filtered, is not 100% pure.  It contains minerals such as calcium and magnesium.  Most municipalities now put fluoride into their water systems to help with dental hygiene.  If this water was applied to your windows and left to dry it would leave a white residue on the glass.

We Use 100% Pure Water
At Goswick Pro Window Cleaning we use a reverse osmosis filtering system that removes 100% of the impurities from the water.  We then use that pure water to scrub down your windows and frames which attracts the dirt to the water and allows for easy removal when rinsing.

Because the water is a 100% pure it will dry completely clear and will not leave hard water stains.  Using this system will also keep your windows cleaner longer.  Because we also clean your frames there will be less dirt and debris to run onto your windows when it rains.

Pure Water Cleaning Promotes Safety

The last advantage to pure water cleaning is safety to your property and for our staff. Because we are able to clean the majority of windows from the ground using this system we do not have to worry about damaging landscaping with ladders or most importantly having someone injured falling from a ladder.  While we are fully insured, we would like to maintain our record of never having a claim in the history of our company.

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